Thursday, December 12, 2013


When we met acquaintances, and the conversation turned to food, and Lark was recommended, they were rather surprised that we had already taken dinner there. Well, I've got pretty good friends living in the area, and the man's got buddies at the workplace. Unsurprising that we know all the hip and indie hotspots in town, all those farm-to-table hits and artisanal thingies. :P

I didn't mind Lark. It's celebrating its 10th anniversary this week. Well cooked food, quality ingredients; interesting and daring flavors, but I wasn't terribly impressed. It's got a great wine list, but nothing much by way of beer, bourbon, rye or single malts. So I definitely appreciated that its next-door neighbor was a really good whisky bar- Canon, which we adjourned to immediately without bothering about dessert.

What I noticed and appreciated, was Lark's choice of music. The man and I are those people who pay attention to the music played in eateries. We heard a string of good stuff from Ben Gibbard, Bon Iver, Sea Wolf and even Middle East, and had to ask what playlist it was. Stoked to hear that they used Pandora and this particular playlist was Sufjan Stevens'. Ahhh... We used to have Pandora in Singapore, but licensing killed it. At least we've got Spotify now.

Oh the food. It was enjoyable, nicely done, but unmemorable.

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