Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Letterpress Cards

That's pretty much it for me. 

Of course I shopped, for the things that I wanted. On the list, were letterpress cards. Now checked off the list. Bought so many that I could stop ordering online for the next three years, seriously. Seattle, Portland, the Northwest cities and California are so proud of their hand-crafted talents and traditions in many industries. Letterpress cards are plentiful here. Many local stores do support their local artists. It's a pleasure browsing in these stores and checking out their wares that the giant malls will never stock.

Beautiful prints with minimal words, blanks, and those with witty lines. Bought them all. Completely spoilt for choice here. Never liked e-cards. They just don't appeal. Never as meaningful as hard copies. I still send out hard copies for birthdays, festivals and whenever the occasion required.

Also lugged over some cards and filled out Christmas greetings. Sent them out last week via USPS. They keep sending my parcels to Thailand and everywhere else in Asia but Singapore, delaying receipt till a month later. Hopefully, USPS delivers these cards to their intended recipients before Christmas. As far as I know, many envelopes sent out to Thailand got routed to Taipei first. The ones to Europe got there safely. I still bear hope that the ones sent out in a later batch to Singapore arrive before the end of the year!


M. said...

I love letterpress cards too. They are pretty hard to come by in SG and I often go to to find. Only if only they aren't so pricy...

tuti said...

sent you an email.
hope i've got the right address. but no worries, know you're traveling!

imp said...

M: exactly! at least here, at US$4.95 to US$6 a card, I can save on shipping charges since I'm already here. So haul them all back.

tuti: i saw it! give me a while to reply!