Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Kitchen Is In Overdrive

Parties are cool with a disco ball!

We haven't cooked for a long time. In fact, we probably did major cooking only like twice this year. Too busy. Unfortunately when we cook, at least 2.5 days are needed for the prep. While in WA, we already ordered all necessary ingredients. The moment we got back, we checked in at Tekka Market, Meidi-ya and Cold Storage Great World City. Then it was non-stop cooking. The oven has been turned on 24/7, more or less. Note that when I say 'we cook', it's a rather loosely defined usage. Really, it's the man who cooks. I wash. There's a dishwasher, but it's not fast enough. And oh, I taste too, little spoonfuls of whatever's bubbling on the stove or in the oven.

The man has always loved Mexican food. We bemoan the lack of good eateries around. Found a lovely little Mexican deli/grocer to supply all our chilli needs- Belmonte Latin Foods at Ridgewood Condominium. So the foods that we've been churning out this season are all Mexican-inspired. Probably not as authentic, but pretty close to Tex-Mex.

Doing lots of beef. We rushed home and stayed up till 2am to sort out the ox-tongue for Christmas Day, in addition to the items to be cooked only that morning. The tongue turned out really well- tender, soft and not at all smeowlly. The man's gotten the recipe down pat. No pork though. Our home doesn't do pork, and the kitchen is free of pork or lard. Bought so many avocados to mash into tubs and tubs of guac. Guac is best homemade and with a ton of onions and jalepeño. At least that's our version. Can't do guac for people who can't take spicy or onions.

Feeding people is rather fun, especially if we know their food preferences. There's no guessing. One will get it wrong. If we've a rough picture or specifics, while it doesn't mean we can cater to all, it does make it easier to find recipes acceptable to majority at whichever party. As long as everyone knows their allergies and the exact ingredients in each of the food item prepared. All in the spirit of the holiday season. While I'm not by nature a sociable creature, I can last longer if I'm among good friends. I prefer not to do socials or parties where I know less than six people and need to schmooze.

Here's our version of 'barbacoa'.
We used a mix of ox-tail, chuck and flank for depth of flavors.
Plenty of chillies went in- ancho, chipotle, arbol, guajillo, etc.

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