Friday, December 27, 2013

Katanashi :: Happy Bellies

Popped out to Katanashi with J and L for a yummilicious meal. The izakaya has become a casual favorite to chill out with like-minded friends. The menu was small but not exactly limited. The cooked food was tasty-satisfying. Easy ingredients, decent grill and great service. Reservations way in advance are absolutely necessary. It's insanely popular. We love it that reservation tags are still hand-drawn. The charm of a restaurant operating like a small intimate business- customers like us go ooh and ahh over the little touches.

It was such a cool night that we didn't mind sitting outdoors. It felt almost chilly when the wind blew through. 22°C, the weather app stated. I love year-end weather in Singapore. We harbored thoughts about dessert, but at the end of the meal, we were too stuffed. Nobody could even stomach another pint of beer. That breeze made it so comfortable to sit down and chat longer. Conversation is always awesome with them.

Icing on the cake- the friends bought us gifts in the form of a donation to a charity that they picked, of which we totally supported, and dinner. In fact, the moment we were seated, J fasterly placed his credit card with the servers and told them not to accept payment for the bill from us. Gorgeous people. They know us well. How absolutely pampered.

The pickled saba that was seared at the table. Simple and so delicious.

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