Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Friends Spoil Us

J and S hosted a barbecue. Potluck. Everyone brought something insanely delicious. Plenty of food to go around. The rainy evening didn't dampen our moods. The grill was shifted into the patio. As flavourful as charcoal is when it leaves its mark on the food, a gas grill is ideal because of how easy it is to clean up, and importantly, no ashes will land on the food. I'm generally iffy about barbecues if they're not executed well, or if the food items are all meats. Love it when it's a glorious mix. Grinned when we saw the brushes meant to marinate the meats on the grill. The friends didn't even bother buying a brush. They fashioned one out of chopsticks and pandan leaves. Rather brilliant actually. The aroma of the pandan leaves were faint on the meats, along with the oil and honey. Kinda of a nice infusion. It was such a chilled night. These are friends we feel totally at ease with. When we were all ready to leave, it was 2am. Whoa.

We've had such awesome hospitality at the homes of our friends and relatives. Each season is similar this way- fulfilling obligations and the rest, totally looked forward to those parties. Sure, some of the visits are obligatory, but each reception has been warm. While we won't enjoy the conversations at times, we've learnt to just shut up and talk to our phones if the topics are disagreeable. The man and I, while always up to a debate, prefer to take a backseat. Especially now that it's the holiday season after all. The food has been incredible, and hosts have been faultlessly impeccable.

Simply had to make time to stop by dear B's. I don't see her often, so the two weeks we're home for the holidays, I want to visit, linger and chat a little. We went late, thinking it would give her a little breather, and we would also be able to chat a little longer instead of monopolising her wholly. Then we were tempted by the food. Thought we could just sneak a couple of mouthfuls in the kitchen. But she spotted us, and promptly came over and took care of everything. The meats were sliced and she had the sauces trotted out. Fantastic time. Loads of laughs.

The parties and feasting won't end for another week. Almost fun especially at certain parties where we're 100% comfortable with most guests. This season, we're being thoroughly spoilt.

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