Monday, December 30, 2013

Absinthe Party

Literally D's fruits of labor. Homegrown.
A batch of gorgeous- 'chocolate cherry tomatoes'.
Big, juicy and unbelievably sweet.

Potluck! A party we really looked forward to. By 1pm, everyone got in with their contributing dishes. There was plenty of food on the table. It groaned rather audibly. There was also a beautiful apple pie that had so little sugar and held cubes of both red and green apples yummily caramelized. Laughter, conversation and warmth. With so many humans invading their space, the cutie dogs and cats beat a hasty retreat to their dens and hid.

There were presents, gorgeous items thoughtfully made, procured and gifted. The bottles of wine were quickly finished. I was very happy with the bottles of beer. Steadily sipped. Then someone opened a bottle of absinthe, and another got to work sorting it out. We took wary happy sips. Many at this party who love alcohol can't do absinthe. We can't get over the flavors of anise and liquorice. I'm not fond of mint either. It's this whole spectrum of flavors that the man and I don't quite enjoy in food or drinks.

Guitars, amps and keyboards were trotted out. A little tot was so curious about the music. She didn't mind it. But she didn't want to stay in the room. Too loud methinks. The dogs thought so too. Hahahah. Then we asked for coffee. Hahahahah. Caffeine was kinda necessary to prevent everyone from slipping into a food coma. The hosts were absolutely awesome to let us make a mess of the house. This delightful party went on till way after sundown. While it was a total hoot, it was milder than the title suggests. :)


sinlady said...

Party on, imp :) xoxox

imp said...

sinlady: you too! to the friends and the food. :)