Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Day of 2013

Here we are, almost at the last sunset of 2013. As sunsets go, it'll just be another one come tomorrow. It's the humans who're conscious that it'll be the first sunset of 2014, heralding a new year.

Time moves on, implacably. Humans expire. We feel that keenly as the years march on. The fates treat each human differently. We've got faith to keep us going, and that must comfort us a little. We carry on, for the living, for other passions. And so we deal.

But what of those who have nothing to live for? Every day I breathe, I'm aware that this isn't the reality for many. Cloistered in our sheltered world, there's no guilt in being alive, and living well. But there's guilt in wastage. Each Christmas, I'm reminded of tangible wastage in the pile of gifts placed at the recycle bin. Don't people get it? We've surely lost the plot where gift-giving is concerned.

The thought of gift-giving is certainly sincere, but not the point of giving a gift for the sake of keeping up with appearances or for the sake of it. The recipient might not thank you for it. I certainly won't. What do I do with a whisk? Or a set of disposable baking tins? Can I really justify these gifts or do I want to? Especially when I told the givers outright that donating to charities in lieu of a gift would be much more appreciated. The point of a gift, is to remind us of Jesus' gift to mankind, of the eternal and the immaterial, and remember the meaning of Christmas. It's not about giving to keep up with appearances, neither is about buying favors.

I've got so much to be thankful for this 2013. For that, I kneel in quiet prayer, with a grateful heart. So yeah, gotta learn to curse less and find forbearance for so many things I've little patience for.


M. said...

Agree! Truly lots to be thankful for, including our friendship.

Here's to another great year ahead Imp! May your faith grow even deeper and stronger.

imp said...

And a lovely one to you too, dear M.

miss ene said...

I totally agree with you about giving donations in lieu of gifts. I don't need anything and if I do, I would have bought it for myself. The money spent on the gift will be better used for someone else who needs it more :)

Happy New Year!

imp said...

miss ene: To a happy healthy year for you and the family!

h o b o m o b o said...

Totally agree with you. I put my heart in gifting, looking for personalised items for some dear colleagues. For the others, just for appearances, I gave cupcakes (baked by a SAHM to raise funds for Typhoon Haiyan victims).

In return, most of the gifts I received were useless. Next year I'll just announce to them folks I want them to donate to whichever charity they prefer as my gift.

h o b o m o b o said...

And have a wonderful 2014! May we find answers to our questions, motivation for our quests, learnings in our life journey. :)

imp said...

@hobomobo Edibles are quite helpful as gifts. Those are quite welcome. Haizzzz. You have a good start to the year too. May dodo drivers stay out of your way!