Saturday, January 04, 2014

Bar 23 :: Party Like It's 1999

After a while, I had enough of going to roof-top bars at sunset for happy hour drinks. I don't mind the alcohol, but what is up with Bangkok and rooftop bars? Most come attached with a restaurant portion. I certainly won't eat at any. The menus look like a total rip-off. Ugh.

And uh...not very good jazz bands and singers keep populating the place. Don't mind them, but I'm not hot about jazz. Neither is the man. One such singer didn't even smile through one set. WTF. She had this perpetual scowl that was really unattractive. Have you heard that one about how a rock guitarist plays three chords to 30,000 screaming fans, and the jazz guitarist plays 30 chords to three people in the room? Okay never mind, I'm being snarky.

Abandoned half the friends and went underground. It was a Friday night, and they shouldn't be saddled with us. Not as if we don't know our way around! Not as well as they do for sure, but enough to be entertained. After dinner, we opped out to familiar favorite- Bar 23. Pulled open the creaky glass door and grinned. Aiyah, awesome. Walked in to The Pixies, followed by Echobelly. There was Prince somewhere along the way.

Indie dive bars across the world look the same, feel the same and smell the same. It's like...this idea of 'same same but different'. Decided to have beer instead of Mekhong whisky or bourbon. Didn't want sugary mixers with them. No way we were going to drink them plain.  But if you don't like cigarette smoke enveloping your hair, clothes and bags, don't come to Bar 23. It's a smoking joint. Suddenly had a thought- it felt exactly like Ccott Dang in Yongsan-gu, Itaewon, Seoul. No fried chicken for supper though. Hahahaha. Good times.

Bar 23 (23 บาร์)
Sukhumvit Soi 16, Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110
(Nearest BTS station: Asok. It's an odd little soi behind Emporium Mall on Soi 24)

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