Friday, January 03, 2014

Nom Jit Kai Yang

First meal of 2014 wasn't breakfast. It was lunch. Muahahaha. I woke early, but didn't feel like eating. The man did, of course. He would literally wilt without breakfast. Had a glass of cold milk before heading out to meet the friends for coffee and then an early lunch. Told the friends that for the meals this trip, it should be all Thai food. :P

Gave the famous beef noodles a pass and went next door to casual Nom Jit Kai Yang (น้อมจิตต์ไก่ย่าง) that's known for its northeastern Thai food and roast chicken. Besides that, it's got plenty of other dishes. Of course I didn't care about the chicken. What I wanted, were plates of its som tam (ส้มตำ) in various spicy versions, namely the crab and the salted egg. This shop's som tam seriously ranks among the best I've tried. Not into the central Thai som tam with peanuts. If you eat those in Bangkok along the streets of the main shopping belt or at eateries where locals don't go, those aren't spicy and the flavors have changed to cater to tourists. I love the northern versions which are offered at local eateries that might or might not have English menus.

The man hadn't gotten over his fixation with ox-tongue. He wanted to try the eatery's grilled version. The friends enjoyed it too. Luckily they didn't order another plate. Cholesterol! This version wasn't soaked in brine, it was only marinated. But was really tender. However, there was that faint stink of offal that the man didn't particularly like. Shared baskets of sticky rice with the table. Love it. Best especially with spicy food. 

Grilled ox tongue. Namely a northeastern Thai dish as this is more popular in Lao PDR.

Nom Jit Kai Yang (น้อมจิตต์ไก่ย่าง)
332-4 Soi Ekamai 18 Sukhumvit 63 
Khwang Khlongton Nuea Khet Watthana Bangkok 10110
T: 023928000, 023924019 (Nearest BTS station: Ekkamai)

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