Friday, January 24, 2014

And We Talked

Quite difficult to sit down to a meal with V and Y together. Schedules are tough to match. But once in a while, we manage to make it to lunch. Today was one such happy day. Ate at DOMVS at Sheraton Towers Hotel, a seemingly off-the-radar Italian restaurant that's always quietly dependable. It's spacious and non-intrusive. Convenient to get to via whatever mode of transport. DOMVS has always been one of my favorite lunch venues.

Y's Little Missy was away at school. Couldn't hide that we were thrilled to have Y all to ourselves. Needn't worry about whether the little girl would feel excluded; we could have a conversation together, all three of us, and not just two at any one time. We adore the little girl dearly, but we love our girlfriend more.

It was hilarious because Y's husband sent her to us with parting words to the gist of don't drink, because you can't keep up with them. We were absolutely tickled! Well, yes, that. But it was lunch! We drink less at lunch! V and I prudently drank only one glass of chianti each. Y stuck to another sort of red liquid- a minestrone soup. With zero alcohol content. Heh.

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