Saturday, January 25, 2014

Laneway 2014

It's all grown up now, this incarnation of Laneway in Singapore.

Not that it hasn't been around, but more of a matter of running it at a beautiful venue with smooth logistics, fairly decent food, and charging S$2 for bottle of water. That, is a big plus, in my books. Don't anyhowly kertok festival-goers by pricing a bottle of water at S$5 when your strict bag checks confiscate all outside food, drinks, and water. That's really not cool. It's the one thing I miss about the festival at Fort Canning- boot parties.

Don't care about the food. This is Singapore. Food is available everywhere, and anywhere will be better than what's on sale at festival grounds. When outdoor festivals allow re-entry, I won't starve, unlike overseas festivals where restaurants aren't near the sites. But, food will be degrees better than what we get here, think Coachella and Glastonbury. Although food at festivals in Shanghai and Hong Kong is dismal and expensive. Ours too. This Laneway had one choice of beer- the one I dislike.

Was a tad horrified at the pile of confiscated umbrellas at the entrance. Woah. Okay, so they're now like all outdoor festivals across the world. No umbrellas because those are weapons and unfriendly. So if it rains, we'll have to dance in ponchos and get drenched. Many termed that first Laneway absolutely memorable. Well, it is. But I prefer not to experience it all over again.

Luckily, this year, the weather was PERFECT. No rain. Cloudy. Cool and breezy, it was probably the best we've ever had in Singapore for an outdoor gig. Hostess Club Weekender will debut next month at Fort Canning with headliners 'Mogwai' and 'The National'. I doubt the breeze will still be this cool. Haven't decided whether to go. I've seen these two bands a couple of times. It'd be nice to see them again, but it's not priority at this moment.

'Savages'. SO GOOD. 

For me, the festival was all about 'Frightened Rabbit', 'The Observatory' and 'Savages'. Marked them out right from the start. Wasn't so hip as to turn up at 12.50pm to grab a tan under the not-that-blazing-sun. Was in two minds about 'Daughter'. I like them fine on the stereo, but not too keen to see them on stage.

Avoided the food stands and went out for a bite before coming back to see 'Savages'. The band was every bit as electrifying live as I imagined them to be. Such wonderful musicians. The surprise was 'Haim'. I thought they were just flower-pop. But they were tight live, rocked out the first half and totally worked the crowd. That 'Fleetwood Mac' cover, they nailed it. I was wow-ed.

Oh, I confess- didn't stay for 'Chvrches'. Not my kind of music.

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