Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cheongsams by PurpleCloud

I've been eyeing their pieces of mod cheongsams for a long time. But I didn't get around to arranging any dates with the ladies behind PurpleCloud to try on their creations. PurpleCloud is proudly designed by two lovely Shanghai-based Singaporeans- Jaime and Janel. At home, Nana & Bird carries some pieces by PurpleCloud. Now that the ladies are back in Singapore for the festive season and scheduled a private preview, I made a date with the bff to pop in.

It was a great afternoon catching up with familiar faces, old friends and new acquaintances at Wheeler's Yard, then chilled out upstairs at PurpleCloud's private preview. So many happy colors, and many monotones. Love the blacks and blues. And a purple beauty in Thai silk that's a new design called 'Orchid' in their Lunar New Year collection. Bought a few pieces. :D

I was in a tee and shorts; didn't feel like stripping out to try on the cheongsams. Jaime and Janel insisted. Glad they did. While I'm generally a M for their sizing even for various designs, I wore a S for one. It's quite cool that I didn't need any nip or tuck for any of the off-the-rack pieces. I wear my cheongsams loose. Don't like them fitting. I'd like to be able to kick someone in it. Figuratively. Anyway, I'm going to punk the cheongsams with Doc Martens, Converse, metal-and-skull armswag. You get the picture. I'm not so much a fan of the traditional heels and cheongsam look. Demure is not my middle name.

Left: Bff wore 'Sea Dragon' from Collection 2 'Choreography of Chromatography'.
Right: I wore 'Punk Star' from Collection 3 'Punk Pao'.

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