Thursday, March 13, 2014

Eating Together

It's a bit tough for V, Y and I to get together for a meal, especially if it involves coordinating schedules and eating earlier at 7 pm. But once in a while, or somehow, an impromptu message can make that happen. One of these evenings was tonight! Made it to dinner at a convenient venue of Taste Paradise at ION. Lil'Missy was oddly not sleepy. She's all grown up now, I guess, which makes it imperative for us to reserve a table for four, instead of three plus one. Heh.

When the server suggested a meat for the table, I was like, not very enthusiastic, but the girlfriends didn't mind. I asked the table, "Ermm...chicken or pork?"

A little girl decided our choice. She heard my question and assumed her opinion was involved in the decision-making. Well. She piped up, "Chicken please, I don't like pork." Okay, done. Chicken it was. The server chose how the dish would be cooked; along came some soya sauce chicken dish.

Drank a soup without knowing what it was. Hahaha. Well, more like the server said it, and I didn't know what on earth it was, not even when I drank it. It was a chicken soup of sorts with a mini abalone in it. Not my favorite thing. Unfortunately the menu didn't hold an item of soup noodles for Lil'Missy, or noodles in soup of any sort. The server also said the kitchen couldn't do it. All right then, since this isn't my usual go-to restaurant, I didn't insist. Y didn't care. She decided Lil'Missy could share in our usual dishes and steamed white rice. The servers were really nice and took the initiative to propose alternatives to spicy dishes that we wanted to a plain version since a little girl doesn't fancy spicy.

Lil'Missy wanted to hang out a little more, get dessert perhaps. Y explained they had to go home and rest. It was bedtime for children after all, and for Aunty Imp to go get a pint of Guinness! V and I eyed each other and grinned. Oh dear. Imagine this conversation in about 10 years, one that would possibly involve curfews and a few sulks. Muahahaha.

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