Saturday, March 15, 2014

Veronica Mars

Last week, I merrily told the man, "Let's watch Veronica Mars!" He was all for it. Today, I asked him which evening next week would be better to catch it and I would grab tickets. He stared at me, and laughed and laughed and laughed.

I was like, whaaat. Then I realized. It's 'Veronica Mars'. Geeez. What was I thinking. Pffft.

'Veronica Mars' shares a similar fate with 'Firefly'. Funded by a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, it's now a limited release in the US. So why on earth would it show in Singapore cinemas that trot out mostly mainstream Hollywood blockbusters and occasionally, indie film festival credits. Well. Anyway, we have a legally procured digital copy because we backed the project. New soundtrack in there from Sufjian Stevens! Can't wait for the blu-ray to arrive with hopefully, uncut scenes.

Nine years after the final Season 3, and the film is finally made after a whole lot of hooha by supportive fans who translated our whines into tangible funding. 91, 000+ backers together, raised US$5.7 million. Fastest to hit target funding on Kickstarter ever in 10 hours, and flew over it. Wow. I watched the tv series even before I dated the man. Heh. But we chased down the series together again over a couple of weeks just to relive nostalgia. (Right after that, we put on Buffy.) Veronica Mars is a bit like a kick-ass version of Nancy Drew. But coming to life on the big screen, so to speak, it continues all my teenage happiness. Veronica beats Nancy hands down. Oh yes.


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