Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Tatsuya These Two Months

Was at a complete loss as to what to get Y for her birthday. I can't bake or cook anything yummy for shits. So it would have to be sadly, a bought meal. She rarely has that much time freed up to sit down for a meal between work and coordinating Lil'Missy's schedule. Managed to fix a lunch date at Tatsuya with Y while Lil'Missy's at school. Wheeeee.

Between mine and other good friends' birthdays, Tatsuya has seen my face every week of February and will do so for most of March too. Hahaha. No surprise there. I don't deviate very much from the usual orders of a dependable chirashizushi and a soup. They're items I like most from Tatsuya. I no longer have stomach space to do a full 10 to 12-course omakase meal unless the dining companions request for that in advance and I've got time to prep the stomach for it.

Chef Sasaki offered to make our chirashizushi bowls today. He saw my nervous face and came to check on our bowls later. MUAHAHAHAHAH. Assured him that they were fine! He remembered to add negitoro. Wasn't sure about the soup for Y. She's not so interested in clear soups. But I figured a double-boiled tuna soup wouldn't go too badly. She could just have the chunks of tuna, tofu and mushrooms, and skip most of the soup.

Happy birthday sweet thoughtful Y! May the year bring a truckload of joy and laughter to you and your loves. 


L Lee said...

Great gift! We are going there soon for our anniversary lunch. :)

imp said...

L: Oooh! You must tell me about that! Happy Anniversary (soon?)!!!

L Lee said...

It's probably going to be the usual set lunch for us though, not that exciting heh. Though we might order 3 instead of 2 as we've done before. :P

Thanks! Yup, it's mid-March. :)