Friday, March 07, 2014

Tea Talk

From left: Wuyi oolong Rou Gui (武夷肉桂),
Wuyi oolong Lao Shou Xing (武夷老寿星),
and a 2011 Mengku, Yunnan raw pu'er (生普洱,勐库云南).

The tea partner zipped into Malaysia to check out teas from Hojo and Purple Cane, and bought me gifts. Hurrah! Not many people dare to buy me tea. The tea partner does that best. She knows. She's probably the only one who is confident of picking five teas that I'll like.

There're the tea certification courses all over. I think I'll pass. The internships over last two years have indicated that Pekoe & Imp is the only way I want to be involved in tea that provides some sort of commercial transaction with no profits. I've always been certain that I'm not keen to be involved in bigger outfits, plantations, consumer sales, cafes and shops. Neither do I foresee a career in the industry that way. Nothing has changed. What I want, is to continue to be a discerning consumer of teas and whenever possible, share the love with a few.

(This is the point where I want to spew a tank-load of vile about the ex-tea-teacher. But I shall hold my tongue since it's Lent and also, I've roundly dissed her twice on this blog.)

Brought a few packs over to the tea teacher for his perusal during one of our weekly chats. He also likes discovering familiar flavors re-interpreted by tea companies, and how production affects the flavors year on year. Different estates produce varying roasts and ultimately, how a cup of tea will taste. Prices are an indication of quality but not the be-all. Prices can be an indication of scarcity.

Very glad to have found this one in a good friend's father. Not an owner of any teashops or with strong ties to the industry; he's simply a lifelong student of tea. But he's not showy. I respect that. Being a man of science, he dissects it down to specifics, equations and formulas. It's like his, serious hobby. :) Fantastic. He's always happy to talk about tea, but I've never dared to ask him like...if he's willing to talk about it more erm seriously. Finally did so, and he was happy to accede to my request. HURRAH.

At 2 years old, the 2011 raw pu'er is still young. But it promises to taste fruitier.
Shall keep it for a bit and see how it goes.

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