Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Batch of Granola Bars

Sometimes, I don't mind a bit of sugar. From fruits, and from the home-baked goodness of the girlfriends' kitchens. I'm absolutely lucky to have girlfriends who cook and bake so well, and are happy to pamper me with all the goodness that comes out of their kitchens.

The girlfriend presented me with a precious box of granola bars- a batch that she stayed up late the night before to put together. She knows I can't stomach heavy or too oily meals in the day and would appreciate something light especially if I've got a full morning.

I think this is like, her specialty. Granola bars. She has been my darling constant supplier. I love granola or muesli best with figs and pears. Otherwise, sour berries, green apples or tart tomatoes will do. This time she used high-protein mixed nuts with dark chocolate chips, binding them lightly with honey and flour. No additional sugar, no SPI and very little inulin. 400 calories of goodness that take me through to often, dinner. Yoghurt optional. Absolutely heartwarming.

Breakfast sat on a plate from Democratic Society's 'Singapore Icons'.
Designed by Quiet Studio, it's from the series named 'The Dancing Joaquim'.

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