Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Age of Social Media

My camera's too heavy for Lil'Missy to wield steady. Familiar with her parents' iPhones, she doesn't quite know what to do with my Nokia. Plus I have a very heavy protector case for it. The iPhone is much faster than the Nokia when taking photos. She knows that we usually take photos of food and uhhh, in her words, "pretty things".

Which brings me to, in an ideal world, ALL friends will use ONE social media platform. #firstworldproblems I pretty much stopped using Facebook to post anything personal. Too many #friendswhoarenotfriends are on it. I prefer my Twitter community. It provides the best information, smiles and engaging constructive confrontations too. Then there's this blog. It sits quietly, and doesn't bombard you unless you choose to add it to your feeds. I'm not a visual person; blurred photos and too many hashtags on IG are just annoying, never mind spontaneity and instant insta-gramming. The children today grow up with social media, but they will face the same problems we now do. It takes more than common sense to navigate the pitfalls. I won't say no to social media either; it's pretty much integrated into my life. However, there are lines drawn. Online interaction is one thing, and that loses to IRL relationships and bonds built.

At Ronin, when the fresh-out-of-the-oven granola arrived at the table with a cute jar of cold milk, Lil'Missy got to work. Took her mom's phone, swiped it a few times and aimed. The screen opened on her mom's IG. Win. She didn't want any help from us framing the shot. She probably has seen her mom do it a gazillion times and figured out what kind of shot would be considered 'okay'. Only six years old. You're growing up too fast, sweetie. We peeked at her screen. My my, it was a pretty decent shot!

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