Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Steak

I still like beef. But I've cut back on meats till there's virtually nothing much on the usual diet. A burger a year perhaps. You know me and chicken aren't pally, and on other days, it's a preference to take most meats out of the diet save for fish. No point ordering steaks in Singapore since no kitchen could do a perfect medium. Bedrock currently grills decent steaks but not as consistent as I'd like them to be. Never mind about the other steakhouses, their medium-rare becomes medium if I'm lucky. I could grill it myself. The man definitely can. Somehow I rarely crave for a piece of steak at home.

The one restaurant I wanted to pop into on this trip is John Howie Steak, for my one and only meat fix on the trip, and probably for this half of the year. Heh. Not bothered to have meats in the food. Gotta be a steak. Bit bloody is good. I also happen to like really full-bodied lean cuts of beef. No striploin or any kind of wagyu. A 16 oz bone-in filet mignon done perfectly medium. Mmmm.

There were other dishes of course, like a Maine lobster salad and a mac n cheese. Yes, must order a mac n cheese if it's on the menu, especially if it's been said that an eatery does it well. The accompanying dishes were tasty, but were really just fillers compared to what I had been saving the stomach for. Even so, I shared the meat with the man. As much as enjoyed the meat, five bite-sized chunks were more than enough. There were beers and whisky. Totally satisfying.

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