Saturday, May 17, 2014

Palace Kitchen

The friends have been so nice. They keep wanting to pick us up for our makan dates. We firmly declined. It's crazy for them to head downtown in peak hour traffic to pick us and all that. Much easier if we meet at the makan venue. They're worried that we'd lose our way. They were quite stunned to realize that one of the first things we did was to procure pre-paid unlimited data-SIM cards. Muahahaha. Why would they expect less of us?!

Made a dinner date. Told the friends to pick a restaurant they like and we'd be there. Palace Kitchen, they typed out. Before googling, I was like...please don't let it be a crap Asian restaurant. I mean, the name right??! What a name. Well, Palace Kitchen serves up a Northwest menu. You cannot imagine my relief. The man was thrilled because it's another Tom Douglas outfit that he hasn't tried.

Apparently cocktails at Palace Kitchen are good. A pity we're not cocktail people. The restaurant offers such limited beers. Oh well. As long as there's one good one. Took an amber ale from Harmon which was quite pleasing. It was an awesome long dinner with the friends. Three hours spent catching up weren't quite enough for the months we don't see one another except online.

Had so much fantastic salmon that I should try something else. Picked another fish from the Applewood grill- a whole Idaho trout with pickled prosser peppers, parsley and almonds. Full of bones, but hey, just pick them out really carefully, take small bites and don't talk while chewing. It was sublime. A pity that sauce at the side wasn't sambal belachan. :{

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