Friday, May 16, 2014

Grant-Lee Philips & Howe Gelb On Stage

There I was jabbering about twelve-string guitars, and I got to see a fantastic singer-songwriter in action who's known for using one. He's no other than Grant-Lee Philips. However, at this casual gig, he stuck to a usual six-string. Oh well. All good though. Magnificent voice and amazing fingerwork. Remember 'Gilmore Girls' on tv and that town troubadour who would appear once every season or something? Yup, that dude. :)

I love this venue- The Triple Door. While I don't mind standing up to jive to some gigs, others feel so much better sitting down. This venue has seats, and offers dinner, light bites and great drinks. The biggest problem for me- it currently shares a kitchen and half a menu with Wild Ginger. Wah lau eh. I really don't want to have fusion Asian food on these evenings. Ugh. So drinks were way better. Its Bushmills Irish whiskey tasting set was great.

It wasn't too odd to see Grant-Lee Philips share a stage with Howe Gelb. It was strange to see them separate. It was nice to hear Howe Gelb hum a few lines, speak a little, sing, and honestly, abandon the guitar for the piano. That was wayyy better. One couldn't fault him for forgetting the lyrics. He's got albums stretching wayyy back to...1985. He's still pretty good on stage. Super uncommercial.

The singer-songwriters came together at the end for a cover of George Jones' 'He Stopped Loving Her Today'. What a mellow piece. I really like this song. Howe Gelb stuck to the keys and Grant-Lee Philips took the vocals. He googled the lyrics on his phone. Heh. Gorgeous cover they did. A fitting end to the all-too-short evening. 

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