Friday, May 16, 2014

Plaka Estiatorio

Love Greek food. Had to eat at a restaurant that churns out decent versions. Since we're in Ballard so often, we went to Plaka Estiatorio twice, once on our own and the second with another set of friends who by now, aren't surprised at how far we've been gallivanting and varied our food preferences run, and how that we non-residents could do a half-decent food blog about Seattle restaurants (it's a sarcastic private joke, about the blogging, not the city).

Plaka Estiatorio is an Athenian-style family-run restaurant that probably fills up at dinner more than at lunch. Nothing fancy, all casual Meditarranean warmth. all easy and hearty foods cooked by by Katina Tziotis. Her daughter, the lovely Ourania Mandapat was our host and she was great in making us feel welcome and making sure our food came out fast.

As usual, some hits and misses. The friends love the lamb and meat skewers, as well as the gyros. It also depends on the what the cook likes, we think. Authenticity is one thing, working with available ingredients to suit local palate is the other. The restaurant offers fantastic dips and salted, slightly spiced pita bread. The hummus, skordalia and melitzanosalata were especially tasty. Their easy meat platters are decent too. And those hand-cut real fries. Mmmm.

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