Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Makan Siang Bersama

On a week when we're all Eastside, found a date and lunch was arranged with D at Aura Bakery. Yay. Gave me a great excuse to wander into Kirkland again.

Perched by one side of Lake Washington, Kirkland is quiet and charming. Last December, I spent pleasant hours by the water for a long lunch alone, doing nothing very much in the cold. It's awesome to just sit and stare. There's one Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen which, imho, has one of the better Thai menus around Kirkland and Bellevue. Don't even ask why I've eaten at so many Thai restaurants here.

What a happy lunch. Thanks for thinking of this cafe with a pretty good croque-madame, D. YUMZ. She's having a crazy week and it's so cool that there was a window to meet. It's one of those classic six degrees of separation; we've fewer mutual friends than initially thought, and hilarious to find out that she even has more mutual friends with my partner. Hurhurhur.

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