Thursday, May 08, 2014

Burning Calories

The man heads out to work by 7am, and there isn't a point for me to sleep in. What for? Gorgeous spring weather and sunshine this week. Might as well make the most of it before the famous Seattle rains descend. Grabbed the Vibrams and geared up for a crisp 10°C and went for a run. I knew exactly where the end point was. Lake Washington is just down the road.

Yes, you read that right, A RUN. I'm no runner though. But it's not as if my fitness level is at zero. I've been doing those weekly 5km sprints in Singapore heat and humidity because stamina has to be built for parkour. Ironic that music is such an integral part of my life but I don't like to listen to any sort of music while running or swimming. It's very difficult for music to be white noise for me. There's a tendency to dissect lyrics, rhythm, era and whatever trivia. I prefer to be able to hear myself think. Those keep me going. That said, I'll never ever run more than 10km. It doesn't attract me. That's just crazy.

Had no idea that the usual exercise routine stood me in good stead to complete an easy 7km from Bellevue to Kirkland downtown, just like that. Paused to stretch by the shoreline of the beautiful blue lake and breathed in all that fresh air. Grabbed a quick piece of toast, then unbelievably, I decided to loop an unlabored 7km back. All before 9am.

Happiness. Then as a yummy burrito was chomped at Chipotle, realized I had completely forgotten about the scheduled hour of barre workout at 4pm. Had to go because I paid for it and it's located so damn near the hotel that there aren't any excuses not to turn up. After the session, as expected, DIED. Crawled into bed, lay prone and fell asleep with this dull soothing ache in the muscles.

Thank goodness for hotel laundry credits to sort out sweaty gear.

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