Saturday, May 24, 2014

On The Trails

Am totally obsessed about the weather. Without zealously checking the weather app, I can't plan day-to-day activities. Seattle's notorious for its rain. A little rain doesn't hurt. Hoodies work great for running in and out of buildings. But I would not like to have to stay indoors for a protracted period.

Had minimal sports gear. Enough for a long walk. The weather definitely helps to dry out the trails to enable smooth and safe treading. Aside from the beaches, so happy that I managed to check out four easy trails around the city on weekdays when the weekend crowds aren't there. You can't come to WA in spring and not be outdoors amidst the green and the waters. Checked out the old mining areas off Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. Walked the China Creek Trail and the Rainbow Town Trail.

Primrose and Wildside Trails are so relaxing that I took a brisk jog through. Heh. I like the shaded trails because no hats would be needed. Kekekke. Burning all these calories meant that I could just have more beer later on. *shrug The scenery is ridiculously picturesque. So much blue and green. So much tranquility. Absolutely uplifting.

I keep seeing the snow-capped peak of Mount Rainier in the distance. It has induced this slight urge to climb and take in its magnificent views of the surroundings. Its easy trails are aptly named 'Paradise' and 'Sunrise'. I'll get there. Making the ascent to Glacier Peak and Mount Baker would also require a giant measure of training and stamina building, not to mention the preparatory work involved in understanding the climate and challenges. Even harder to understand because I haven't grown up in a similar area or have an inkling what the terrain holds. Seeing these peaks from a helicopter just don't cut it. I want more.

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