Friday, May 23, 2014

Still Good :: Art of the Table

Located in quiet Wallingford, Art of the Table is still a must-go (to me) in Seattle. Fixed a dinner. It's happily tiny, unpretentious and professional. Really love the down-to-earth flavors churned out by the kitchen.

Totally enjoyed the degustation menu that evening. This is a meal made up of fresh ingredients done well by people who love food and understand what to do with it in a kitchen without slathering on loads of oil. To me, this restaurant trots out fantastic food without the fancy. I can do without some types of fancy.

There was a wine pairing offered with the food. But naaah. It's rather sad each time the server offers us wine and we politely decline and let them know we don't do wine and would chug beer or whisky instead. Art of the Table gave us a grin and merrily introduced us to the fairly good range of beers on tap and in bottle form. At least we're not made to feel like lesser beings for not appreciating wine, unlike in some restaurants that oddly insist we 'try'. What's up with that? Don't like means don't like lah. How to try?

Not like I'm so familiar with what's seasonally available in the Pacific Northwest. But whatever appeared on my plate, was so different in style and flavors from their late fall menu. The man thoroughly enjoyed their meat course which was duck- Magret duck breast with saffron fennel, red eyed pea salad, smoked apple butter, cilantro puree, pickled celery-apricot vinaigrette. Loved the spring dumpling of smoked salmon chèvre-raviolo, pea cream, fresh peas, spaghetti squash, pea vine pesto and olive oil. The winner of the evening for me was the fish- neah bay halibut, wild white shrimp, shellfish sauce, grits, greens, asparagus, turnips, radish and chilli oil. Awesome evening.

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