Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Seattle Symphony

Finally got to listen to the acclaimed Seattle Symphony. Had wanted to watch them earlier in the month but they went away to perform at NYC's Carnegie Hall for Spring for Music Festival. (Reviews of that here, and here.) Happy to hear them in concert the following week. A reduced number because many members were playing at Seattle Opera's 'The Tales of Hoffmann'. But it didn't affect the 17th century pieces which work fine with a cosier sound.

Charismatic Frank Braley took took the lead on piano while Ludovic Morlot conducted Haydn's Symphony No.70 in D major, and the second half, Mozart's Symphony No.9 in E-flat major K.271 'Jeunehomme'. Honestly, I was there to hear the orchestra's interpretation of Haydn, and if I've never heard them, then Mozart would be just a good choice to average it out, even though it's not a personal favorite.

Totally enjoyed the evening. I'd love to hear them play Mahler. Heh. What snippets I heard of their Mahler's Sixth last year was good. Whether I like an orchestra, has a lot to do with its music director and its interpretation of classics, and also courage to attempt modern melodies. Ludovic Morlot has led the Seattle Symphony since 2011 and there's been enough time for everyone to get to know each other's styles and nurture a new sound and pace. I'm liking their current sound and vibes. Would totally love to see them again.

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