Thursday, June 05, 2014

Lil'Missy Wanted A Date

It's extremely odd that the little girl has taken to setting our dates. Lil'Missy was all like, "Oh Aunty Imp's back? Let's go out and play." Y and I were like...okay...whatever...who are the friends here babe!?! Anyway, Lil'Missy's idea of play with me consists of a lot of running around pillars and sprinting between two points.

Lovely to catch up with Y and Lil'Missy at Nassim Hill Bakery and Bistro Bar. Y wanted to try their waffles which came light and fluffy, and slightly crisp- not the dense sort. I went for a mac and cheese which was surprisingly thick and tasty. Not like I haven't had tons of mac and cheese all month, but I'm always happy to check out different versions to find a good one. Current favorite is at Postbar during lunch. I'd return to Nassim Hill Bakery to have a mac and cheese. Generally, as long as a version holds four cheeses, it should be fairly decent.

Dear Y also gave a box of granola bars to the man and I. She's definitely perfected this granola bar thingy. She single-handedly bakes and supplies all our granola and flatly refused to be monetarily compensated for it. Doubt I can ever eat any other baker's granola again. (My grandfather made the best back then.) Y tailors these batches to my tastebuds. In addition to multi-layered and varied grains, they differ in the add-on ingredients- i.e dark chocolate or raisins, cranberries, etc, she ensures each batch is low in sugar and sweetness, and inulin. (No coconut please.) Exactly baked to my preferences. THANK YOU!

Granola can be my sustenance for any meal. The first three bars were taken on a crazy day where breakfast was necessary because the hectic schedule meant that the next meal was only at 6.30pm. Ahhhhhh. Nibbles of pure happiness.

Granola sits in a cup designed by Mindflyer;
curated by ampulets, and named
'From Another Time / 從新時光 Peace Machine 1930s - 1950s'.


Yuling said...

*blush* Anything for you, babe! Granola bar sitting pretty in that ware!

imp said...


j0annesim said...

Granola bars with tomatoes? Now that's a new way of having them. And that mac & cheese? Sounds good!!! ;0

imp said...

J: hehehehe. I've eaten them like this since i was a kid. The other item i eat granola with is uhhh... Raw garlic. Cloves of raw garlic.

L Lee said...

That lady has got some serious talent! Dress design, granola, writing, photos, what next?!?!

imp said...

L: Dunno! Whatever she sets her mind and heart on. Heh.