Friday, June 06, 2014

We Got To Dessert

Celebrated V's birthday with the tiniest amount of alcohol (she was driving!) and a whole lot of fabulous food at Saint Pierre. Glad we decided to have dinner earlier than usual. We had a table by the window and it was still bright when we sat down. Caught bits of sunset on a beautiful evening.

Since it was a birthday celebration, I thought we could attempt dessert. Our lovely servers at Saint Pierre arranged it. Something chocolate. It was a portion of gateau au chocolate with a candle perched atop before V poured in a little of the hot smoked tea custard. Neither of us are fans of sweets and sugar. But we could manage most of the flourless Belgian chocolate cake and earl grey tea ice-cream that were quite a good round-up to the meal.

I wish you happiness, but we know that no one is happy all the time. To that, I wish you superhero strength, V, and keep that fantastic sense of humor to gracefully flow through the seasons of life.


Unknown said...

Very apt and needed well wishes. Always thankful for you babe!

And I love your post title, muahahaha.


imp said...