Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Usual Eats

The quality of those crazy-fresh seafood in WA can't be found in restaurants here. We have a different type of fresh from local waters. For now, I'll bid albacore tuna, halibut, salmon and Dungeness crab goodbye till I get back to somewhere far up north of the equator.

Have there been food cravings? Yes, and no. When away from home, I don't really need to eat any specific kind of food. Not when I was away for months on end and definitely not on when on vacation. I just need loads of greens. I don't care about rice. There're plenty of brown rice and grain options in WA. But I come from a country where there's incredible amount of food options. I miss spices, especially chilli-anything. Malay and Thai dishes fosure. After satiating the insane need to quaff copious amounts of sambal belado and sambal tumis-anything to chase away those cravings, at some point, also begin another round of eats at the usual Japanese restaurants, beginning with Tatsuya.

Had a couple of items that I wanted. Awabi, uni and engawa sushi, I prefer the flavors of the sea urchin from these waters rather than those from Santa Barbara. While I don't mind fresh abalone crunchy, I still prefer the softer brined version, which is mainly how abalone is treated in this region.

Always nice to stroll into a familiar restaurant and have them take care of the meal. They always know what to sort out. Dunno about other people's experiences at Tatsuya, but I've liked mine all these years. It's still the only restaurant I really like for a localized interpretation of Japanese sushi and sashimi.

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