Sunday, July 06, 2014

Brunch at boCHINche

We figured that brunch at Common Man Coffee Roasters would be near impossible with that queue. Headed upstairs to boCHINche which was blissfully quieter. They're all owned by Spa Espirit Group anyway, sharing the same coffee beans and a consistent machine. My coffee came nicely done. Unlike Common Man Coffee Roasters, boCHINche doesn't do a piccolo latte. So we all ordered a flat white with very little milk.

What I like about the boCHINche, is that it offers a great selection for a fair bit of dietary preferences, and beef that is not wagyu. I absolutely dislike wagyu. It's supposed to be an Argentinian restaurant. Non-wagyu meat lovers will have plenty of choices there. The table had chorizo and all. Because Argentina is also home to unsurprisingly Italian pasta and risotto, those are also on the menu. There're empanadas too. Yay. It's brunch. So I ordered a tomato salad with a giant ball of mozzarella. We shared three baskets of bread. Delicious.

Like the coffee joint, the juices are a mix as well, and I don't quite fancy the mix of fruits. Not very fond of the hint of ginger or celery in anything. Had to pass over juices. Of course the table ordered alcoholic drinks. That chimichurri Bloody Mary was GOOD.

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