Saturday, July 05, 2014

I Like Fish Sauce More Than Soy Sauce

Since the man strained his back so badly at the gym, we canceled all engagements for the day and stayed in for the night. Dunno why I suggested watching a film. While scrolling through the titles to decide which one to rent and download, I was reminded why the man and I rarely watch movies together unless it's of a certain genre, like machines or comic superheroes coming to life on the big screen.

He picked out 'John Dies At the End', directed by Don Coscarelli. Well, I did want to see how the film version constructed that monster of frozen meat. However, we both first read the original book written by David Wong (Jason Pargin, really). The man liked it; I didn't mind it. By and large, I'm not fond of film adaptations of books. (Reviews herehere and here.)

The man exclaimed, "What's not to like?! It's got all your favorite things. Gore, zombies, aliens, monster of frozen meat. Maybe even B-grade!" It really depends. I gave up on 'True Blood' midway through Season Two when I thought it got whiny. Even 'The Walking Dead' only held my sporadic interest. I must be one of those who like 'Pacific Rim' for its music and its Jaegers and Kaijus, ignoring the holes in the plot or cheesy acting and CGI effects. The man even welcomes movies that are clearly full-on romantic in plot and whatever nonsense. I absolutely detest those. Think '500 Days of Summer' and the ilk.

'John Dies At the End'. No he doesn't. Not really. Hahahaha. Let's just say I was bored to tears. It was so trippy that it flew right over my head. The drug that's named 'Soy Sauce' held properties to effect linear changes of time and perception, and travel between worlds and dimensions. While the idea was fantastic on paper, I didn't like how it was fleshed out on screen. I think I was too sober watching it. Should have gulped a whisky, or three.

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