Saturday, August 02, 2014

N's Healing Well!

The hospital tray.
Looked like an instant TV meal.

Happy to see N on the mend after surgery. The first few days were of course worrying. It was comforting to see that she wanted food at mealtimes. A smaller but not diminished appetite. But hospital food is always eeky. Healthy, yeah, but not the best in terms of enticing patients to eat.

I wasn't going to attempt to boil her soup. She's a fabulous cook and baker. I'm not confident my 'skills' will pass her tastebuds. Luckily the hospital is so near Paragon mall where Crystal Jade Golden Palace is. It's a restaurant the family frequents; the servers and the chefs know us. I suppose anyone could just tapau food. But since they know me because I uhhh always terrorize them, these few days, I've been calling ahead to place special orders for food for N. They were more than happy to oblige.

Dunno, but I think Asian food is great for convalescing patients. Loads of colors and options to play around with when there's no desire for carbs. No biggie. Vitamins and nutrition can be gleaned from stir-fried green vegetables and loads of double-boiled soups. Fish too. Plenty of tiny pieces of the freshest fish. Chicken essence extracted into soups, shark bone stock, fish maw, cordyceps, goji berries, red dates, dried mushrooms and the sorts. A bowl of soup fills up the stomach nicely. N isn't fussy about vegetables. As long as they're the usual stir-fried Asian greens, she eats them. Yay. Pleased to see her walking around on her own and getting stronger everyday.


tuti said...

glad your friend is healing well.
you're an awesome friend to have!
i must say thank you too. :)

imp said...

Thanks, tuti. Hope you're getting stronger too.