Thursday, August 14, 2014

Roasted A Leg of Lamb

The girlfriend is determined to put me to work in the kitchen. She is commanding me to marinate, slice and dice. Those I can do. At least she hasn't abandoned me to a meal prep on my own, yet. If she does, I'll just order take-out. Heheheh.

We usually have light cold lunches and a heavier hot dinner. Tonight was just the two of us, so the portions were less than usual. We popped by the supermarket to grab the necessary ingredients. She had to pull me away because I kept lingering at the shelves. So many exciting sauces and stuff I don't use often or can't use because it isn't available at home on a regular basis.

Roasted a tiny leg of lamb with sides of grilled vegetables and sweet potatoes in foil. Had to sweat out the eggplant. When all the food's been done, the smells in the kitchen were so good. It's the tail-end of the season for lamb, so we simply grabbed whatever the supermarket had that looked all right. The lamb went swimmingly with polar birch jelly (polarbjørk gelé). Nydelig!

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