Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Boys Made Lunch For Us

The perks of having teenage boys in the house. We could set them to work. Muahahah. I've bravely ordered one to take out the trash a couple of times. Even the youngest was asked to help out. He could easily peel garlic, slice them and got the pounder to mash them up for us to make marinade.

And we've made two teenagers cook us lunch. They cheerfully did so. Kinda unplanned. The boys were at home lurking around the kitchen, looking rather unoccupied, i.e free of schoolwork and other chores. So we kept them busy. Lunch was made for us on two occasions, so far. The girlfriend and I are planning a third. :P

Can't stress this enough- the girlfriend churns out fantastic dishes and doesn't mind that I can't quite cook and can only be a helper. Hehehe. She has cleverly trained her boys to sort out many meals on their own. They could dice, slice, watch the fire and do something savory, and kinda clean up after themselves. Back to these lunches done for us. Lunch is always kept simple. Hot food, yes, but none of that three-course meal thingies we do for dinner. The boys, on separate occasions, made us an omelette and grilled yummy tomato-cheese-ciabatta sandwiches. Very awesome.

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