Friday, August 29, 2014


Sommer. Fiken. It's the season for figs (and many berries and apples) till the end of next month I think, for countries slipping into autumn soon. But it has been a warm summer, so that means a shorter season for figs. No matter. We'll get whatever we can and enjoy them. Bought bucket-fuls.

That's the thing about Singapore. I never know which season offers what types of fruits. To me, I get them all year round, with the only variable being quality, and as usual, freshness. This is Norway, so figs aren't cheaper than what we get in Singapore. I understand that NTUC Finest and Cold Storage sell four figs in a box for something between S$7 to S$17. In Oslo, depending on the country of import, they range between NOK6 to NOK16 per fig. Yup, between S$1.20 to S$4.20 for ONE fig. Although figs here are better in terms of variety of species and quality; they're superbly huge, fresh and juicy.

Love figs fresh, love 'em in all forms. Ate them during breakfast with granola or just as a snack in the afternoon. On one of those late afternoons when the boys were gobbling bread because they were so hungry before dinner at 8pm, we followed suit with nibbles, but not with the bread. Sliced up a few figs, squished goat cheese in the middle, put them in the oven and in five minutes, we had forretter. With a dark imperial stout 'Odin's Tipple' by HaandBryggeriet. They complemented each other so well. Very satisfying.

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