Monday, September 22, 2014

En, To, Tre, Fire, Fem, Seks, Sju, Åtte, Ni, Ti, Hurrah!

The girlfriend insists that Norwegian isn't difficult to acquire, master, do sarcasm and banter in. She thinks I'm a genius. She expects me to more or less understand conversational Norwegian by the time I return for a visit. I'm not so sure about conversational abilities. I'll settle for a modicum of reading competency.

I will learn to read it, try to build some vocabulary, then sit down with her sons for revision. I've told the boys that when I return, part of their chalk-up-brownie-points duties would involve one of them sitting down with me for 30 minutes a day to chat in Norwegian. The lesson plan is up to them. I haven't thought about remuneration. HAHAHA. It will probably be a few new gadgets, of which I'm only too enthusiastic to procure.

I can get an overview via Google-whatever. But I prefer an academic approach. Need to go beyond articulating "Jeg esker øl" and "Øl er fantastisk". Bought a recommended textbook at an Oslo bookshop. Flipping through it, I really really think that I won't be able to speak Norwegian fluently. My pronunciation is atrocious and that would not improve unless I speak it frequently. Not happening just yet. If I'm not wrong, the book title goes something like, 'Norwegian in 3, 2, 1'. Well. If only it's as quick as a snap of the fingers. This textbook is good for piecing together and understanding grammar and syntax. So yeah, the scribbling of notes in the margin began the moment the book was bought. There was a little window of time to finish three pages and commit that to memory. It was continued while waiting for my flight at the airport and during the 6.5-hour ride to Doha where I didn't need much sleep. It shall be continued in Singapore. Jeg vil lære å lese norsk. Let's do this.


D said...

Have you tried Memrise and Bliu Bliu? Unfortunately Duolingo does not have Norwegian yet.

imp said...

Only Memrise. Haven't seen Bliu Bliu yet! I'll cehck it out. Thanks!