Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Plukke Mais

The Norwegian word for corn is 'mais'. It sounds exactly like maize. But I've always called it corn. There's something about freshly plucked corn that's so sweet. It's the sugars that haven't started to convert to starch. If we could eat corn before the starch sets in, it will be ridiculously sweet and good. Those sold at the supermarket would have sat for a day at least and can't compare to the ones we get straight off the fields. Perhaps it's all that effort of plucking it ourselves too.

Each time I see cornfields, I can't help thinking X-Files and bees. Hehehe. Heading out on the quiet days to get some corn feels productive. Late evening and it was raining, but still we braved the drizzle and went out to the cornfields where the ears had been completely filled out and ready to be eaten. We waited five minutes and the clouds passed. Hurriedly walked down the rows and grabbed a few kilograms of crunchy corn.

Right now, we're in the best season for the sweetest corn ever. (And sunflowers too. Giant flowers sprouted everywhere and a patch sat next to this cornfield we go to.)  The season should continue till end of the month. We love corn. All of us. We could probably just gnaw on corn all day. We plucked enough to last us for three days. Just lightly boiled is good. One could always drizzle butter and salt if desired. That evening, we ate the first batch within two hours of getting it off the fields. Hilarious to see everyone's teethmarks. How do you eat your corn? I could never eat it neatly, typewriter-style. I roll it around and bite off whatever I can see, leaving a giant mess of fibres behind. Hahahaha.

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