Friday, December 05, 2014

Art of the Table :: Much Love

Had to return to Art of the Table for dinner. Love this venue. Chef Dustin Ronspies has clearly worked out his flavors and focus for the restaurant and its weekly degustation menu. A degustation meal can take three slow hours, so make time. What made me a little disappointed is how from the first visit, the beer menu which was great, has dramatically decreased to only two choices. Drinks now focus mainly on wine and cocktails, both of which I don't fancy.

I love how they do the Neah Bay black cod here to perfection. Tonight was no exception. It was beautifully paired with smoked mussels, melted leeks, delicata squash, brussels, cod nage and saffron. The pumpkin dumplin' was quite delightful. The kabocha squash pot sticker sat in a mushroom dashi with grilled matsutake, pickled daikon, daikon sprouts and burgundy winter truffle infusion. Every mouthful was a pleasure.

The man is a strange little thing. He likes sweets and desserts, but tries to stay off them to keep healthy. He indulges in sugar cravings once in a while. You know I don't bother with sugar and not a fan of any dessert no matter how pretty. So I rarely offer to share dessert with him. I've offered to share desserts like...twice on this trip so far. He didn't want to. But at Art of the Table, I said we could ask them to serve a plate of dessert instead of two, he rejected the suggestion and jealously ate all on his dessert plate. Hahahah. Dessert was a chocolate torte with star anise marshmallow and raspberry ice-cream on a graham cracker, pear puree and candied pecan. Much happiness.

Missed out a few dishes in photos. Too busy talking and eating.

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