Saturday, December 20, 2014

Byeeee Seattle!

Very pleased I could tag along with the man on his work trips to King County. I'm not particularly entertaining company inflight though. I kinda sleep through each sector. Hehehe. In Singapore, it's easier to partition out alone-time. On vacations, the man has gotten used to me portioning out alone-time as well. We don't do well with seeing each other 24/7. These work trips are a fabulous way of finding a balance in terms of our time together.

Like I said, in this season of life, Seattle is my favorite US city. Love the vibes and food, love the sunshine and its green and blue, love the grey and the rain. It was gorgeous simply skipping through the streets in the rain. The rains aren't monsoon-style pelting down. The light sprinkling or a drizzle is almost magical. An umbrella works occasionally, but a parka or a raincoat is best for a sense of liberation. Feel the rain. It's thin, cold and kinda refreshing. Tropical raindrops at home are fat, juicy and warm. Both are nice. Just different.

We'd have to find another trip to take a jaunt up to the mountains. King County has so much nature that it's impossible not to embrace it. Importantly, the humans are cool. Our friends are awesome. Each experience in the city is something new and generally welcomed. I can always find positivity in most things. It's not difficult to see a city through rose-tinted lenses when we're tourists. Even better when we gain extra time to understand more about it.

See ya again Seattle.

The holiday gingerbread display at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle.

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