Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hanging Out With Many Humans

Ate out lots of course, but on a long trip, it's always nice to sit down to homecooked meals. Except we know how much effort and trouble it takes to prepare a meal. So we're pretty wary when invited to the friends' homes for a meal during this season. Don't want to put them out with all the trouble.

Also mindful about asking people out because it involves arranging a babysitter, shifting regular schedules to accommodate our dates, and traveling up to an hour to get somewhere. Most people don't live in downtown Seattle and on this trip, we opted to stay in a downtown hotel. We'd rather be the ones traveling out. Silly Uber is extremely idiotic with its terrible public relations management, controversial corporate and customer policies. But it's really useful to us here. It's easy getting around because of the convenience of an Uber ride.

Can't believe how the friends took time out to meet us regardless of the rain. I think everyone's used to it. Even more fun when stumbling across friends-who-don't-live-in-Seattle at random cafes, and found time to stay for a cup of coffee and discover we would be heading to the same gigs in the evenings. Love how each date simply falls into place fairly easily.

It's amazing how many firm friendships exist in this city, old and new. Buddies of two decades, acquaintances of a few years, and friends whom we've forged strong ties through shared experiences, and new links which we would like to meet again. These are renewed upon each visit. Makes coming here so much happier. So glad we made it to your city. Thank you so much lovelies. It's always great hanging out.

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