Saturday, December 13, 2014

Deck the Hall Ball

Organized by Seattle radio station 107.7 The End KNDD-FM, Deck the Hall Ball has been an annual affair. #DTHB This year, it started at 3pm with Royal Blood and ended at 11pm with headliner Imagine Dragons. We didn't even buy tickets prior. Simply turned up at the venue late and bought tickets (seated) for USD80 each. That price, bought us 40-minute sets for four bands. FOUR GOOD BANDS. If we had gone earlier, we would have seen eight decent bands.

Was a bit stunned when I stepped into KeyArena and heard the emcee liken the whole #DTHB2014 to "a junior prom." It kinda was. Never seen so many parents with their kids and teenagers at a gig unless it was like...I dunno...Pharrell Williams or something. Excluding the parents, the average age at KeyArena was probably 19. The man said it was younger. (Royal Blood is playing at Laneway Singapore in January.)

Shan't go on about the bands. Already tweeted about them during the evening. I was really there to hear two- Young the Giant and of course Weezer. Didn't care about the other bands and certainly not Imagine Dragons. Unlike the man who would be really upset if he missed them, I didn't need to see these bands. He was like an excited kid jumping up and down, hands in the air and all that. I was like, okay, nice to have heard the bands. Anyway, it's always good to see bands live on stage. Short, but great sets. Such a bummer that Johnny Marr cancelled the gig here. This is probably the final week for shows before everyone takes a break for Christmas and New Year. Might as well catch what we can.

Weezer played songs from their new album 'Everything Will Be Alright In The End'.

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