Saturday, December 13, 2014

Marination Station

Since Paseo dramatically closed, we couldn't get our usual fix of fantastic sandwiches. It has just as dramatically been bought by a new owner who re-hired the old crew and going to re-open, but we won't be here to try it out. Gaah. Honey Hole is fine, but not quite satisfying leh. Went out to try other versions of sandwiches in the form of sliders and tacos.

Of them all, I love Marination Station. Gave in to cravings and ate spam sliders. Heeee. Don't give me grief about its health properties. I eat spam like twice a year. But I kinda like it as luncheon meat, and only Ma Ling will do. :P The man was almost cried at how good the spicy kimchi fried rice was. Also had tacos- tofu and beef short-rib kalbi or galbi. The slaw on everything was so crunchy and well marinated. Tasted mirin in there. Yummy.

It couldn't be that we were particularly hungry. Perhaps. We had taken a 5km jog. Still. Anyway, we ordered a second helping of EVERYTHING earlier eaten, with no leftovers. BEST. Like we were starving. That meal wasn't even lunch. It was like a late morning snack. We had lunch reservation made at another restaurant. Fulfilled that in two hours and ate loads again. Hahahaha.

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