Friday, December 12, 2014

Fantastic Pasta at Il Corvo

At 11.15am, Il Corvo was packed out. Open only on week days at lunch, it's a casual pasta joint, serving handmade pasta for USD9 a plate. Initially skeptical, I keeled over and went to pasta heaven after the first three forkfuls.

Owner and chef Mike Easton takes huge pride in his food. He was speaking to either a blogger or food journalist at the table and we really couldn't help eavesdropping, especially when the conversation turned to his thoughts about sea urchin pasta; the interviewer said it took New York by storm. Inwardly, I was thinking, it had already reached Singapore like...four years ago.

The pasta was superb. The menu changes daily. We had spicy squid ink spaghetti and and sage fiore con salse di zucca. The latter confused me till I realized it meant fiori. With pumpkin. Yes! Served plain with sauces only, the pasta was exactly al dente. The squid ink spaghetti was spicy as promised. The kitchen didn't hold back on the dried chillies. Hurrah. Gorgeous ratio of pasta and sauces without being cloying. It was SO GOOD. Its creste di gallo was dressed with squash, toasted walnuts and pistachio oil. Yummy. The pappardelle alla bolognese was heavy, but totally satisfying.

I love pasta. It isn't so much of carbs. But I find myself craving for pasta once in a while. The first lunch at Il Corvo was so memorable that we went back twice and will pop by again before we leave Seattle. :P

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