Friday, December 12, 2014

Bathtub Gin

Not that I'm so into gins. Still afraid of having more than two glasses of it since it has always been my killer. But it's crisp and I'm liking the taste and composition of the new craft gins. Since I'm in WA, besides beers, I should also taste what they offer in terms of craft gins too. Having the beer belly pop out really isn't a good idea. So far, the Oola barrel-aged gin is my favorite.

We like this speakeasy, almost hole-in-the-wall tiny bar known for cocktails, casual vibes and friendly people- Bathtub Gin. It used to be the building's boiler room. The entrance is tucked away in the alley. They tell you to "find the wooden door". Always try to stop by in the evenings before heading back to the hotel. Love their pricing too. We can't do noisy clubs with techno or pop music anymore. The combination grates on my nerves. Noisy bars blaring The Cure are okay with us. The friends hang out at this bar too. On a chilly night, it's nice to squeeze in at the bar upstairs.

The man's always the one interested in trying out cocktails and I stick to boring combinations. They've got a wide selection of gins, bourbons and single malts. The menu is pretty much there to choose the distilleries and whatnots. But you could leave it up to the bartender to sort out flavors if you so choose. (I just realized that the man likes cocktails because it's the only way to get his sugar fix since dessert of cake or pie seems too sinful to his calorie count! o.O )

A good glass of gin and tonic seems light enough to either start or end the evening with. Although I'd prefer to stick to gin all the way and not mix it with beer and whisky. It's a sure-fire method to get a hangover. I don't do well mixing alcohol.

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