Thursday, December 11, 2014

They Beat Us To The Check

We were taken out to dinner by the cutest couple and the coolest kids. Located in the International District, Fuji Sushi is a casual family-friendly place that offers loads of bentos and pretty good rolls. The kids were comfortable and had stuff to eat. It marked a good start to the 'vacation' after the man's hectic 8am - 7pm work weeks. Now, work can be done over emails and he only needs to be physically present at a few meetings. We'll have time for a leisurely breakfast before he needs to attend to the emails. First, some sake, easy chats and relax over dinner. Hurrah.

It was a precious evening to catch up with D and J. The kids were being super entertaining. One was completely obsessed by her loose tooth which threatened to fall out anytime now and was busy telling us what her friends in school did. I think I totally sabo-ed the friends when I told the girl that ice-cream would relieve pain and the sugar to stop any bleeding and she should be bought a tub of ice-cream. What. :P The glucose forms a thin paste of sorts and would stop very minor bleeding in the mouth. We've all had sugar sprinkled on ulcers and scrapes and whatnots. Riiiiight?

It was a really fun evening. Love the conversation. Luckily the kids gamely trudged along. Very sweet lah. Hurhurhur. Thank YOU for getting dinner, again! The next round, we're so getting the tab before you beat us to it.

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