Thursday, December 18, 2014

Handmade Cards and Tags

Wrote all my Christmas cards in Seattle and sent them out. The first batch got to the recipients safe. Woohooo. Let's hope the second batch gets to where they need to go. Started Christmas shopping really early this year. Had loads of gifts to lug along this trip which had to be bought in Singapore. Needed gift tags.

Lyn of littlebluebottle was making cards and gift tags in a meaningful effort to raise funds for Radion International. The non-profit is run by Eugene Wee. Immediately ordered a bunch. Orders are closed now. But she does make these lovely cards whenever an occasion rolls around. Check her blog for updates! I've arranged for various mail items and parcels to be forwarded to Seattle. So glad that Lyn completed the tags and cards so fast for delivery to the Singapore address that the package ultimately got here just slightly after Thanksgiving. Perfect timing.

Opened up the envelope and sighed with delight. I didn't specify any desired designs beyond checking out what had been posted online. Was fine with the designs and colors of the papers. It's the holidays after all, and multi colors ought to be present in presents. Left it to Lyn's artistic eye. Once wrapping and writing and all that were done, I had a problem. Whatever ordered weren't enough! Kinda miscalculated how many humans would appear and stuff like that. I usually stock extras, but this round, because I'm not home, I didn't cater for that. Aiyah. Seattle stores has gorgeous handmade items too, but I particularly want some gifts to be Made in Singapore.

I should have doubled the order, Lyn. Oof. Thank you so much for the personal touch this season!


L Lee said...

Doubled the order?! *faints* You really have an incredible gift for gift-giving! :)

imp said...