Thursday, December 18, 2014

Westward & Little Gull

Headed out to brunch to Wallingford at the uber chic Westward & Little Gull. Located along the north shore of Lake Union, the restaurant boasts of marina views and easy vibes. Love the wood, blue and white. We went for brunch once, liked it so much that we've gone back twice for lunch and dinner.

An apple-wood oven churns out fish, chicken and smoked clams. The kitchen could sure cook. Chef Zoi Antonitsas incorporates many Greek influences into Northwest flavors, giving rise to a menu that many of us love. The first visit was at brunch and we were blown away by the quality of its food. Loved the wood oven baked bagel with house-cured wild salmon gravlax and labneh. The man couldn't stop raving about his wood oven roasted chicken hash with root vegetables, ras el hanout and poached farm eggs. Decent offerings of beer on tap.

A grey morning (what's new, Seattle) in a warm and lovely restaurant made it perfect to kick back with coffee after to chill out with the friends, nattering about nothing in particular, googling bits and bobs, sharing laughs and everything under the sun drizzle. Seattle's rains don't disturb me. In fact, I quite welcome it. Didn't even flinch when it rained for four days straight. Makes me treasure that one day of bright sunshine and blue skies all the more.

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