Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Not Just About Grizzly Bears

Finally read The Oatmeal's 'Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants'. It's the second variety comic collection and the fourth book from Matthew Inman's quirky sense of humor. The angsty writer and artist lives in Seattle.

Since I'm traveling and lugging a suitcase of books will just be silly, the Kindle will have to do the job. I didn't even bother bringing an e-reader or head to the malls. Bought a new Kindle Fire online during CyberMonday. It arrived in two days. Amazon is the buzzword in this town right now. Seattle is all about Amazon now since its new snazzy headquarters in South Lake Union are being built. Most companies offer shuttle services to its offices. Seattle's public transportation is pathetic. No subway, useless train lines that don't go anywhere, even worse monorail reach, and I don't think I bothered about buses. Not everyone would be able to drive, cab or uber it. The roads are narrow and the linkways are insufficient to handle the surge of peak hour traffic. I-90 and SR 520 linking Bellevue and Seattle are a nightmare by 4.45pm.

Yeah, so there's a whole chapter on grizzly bears and why they might wear underpants. Something to do with anti-social people. Anyway, the rest of the book contains comics that span topics of laptops, household chores, food, corporate speak, Apple products, dreams, etc. If you follow The Oatmeal, then some of the comics might have been familiar popping up in a couple of updates here and there.

Love The Oatmeal's irreverent lines which always sends me into stitches. Always brightens my day. There's no point quoting from the book. It doesn't do it justice. With Matthew Inman's sketches, you've got to see it. The words have to be accompanied by the drawings for that added punch. Plus I read it with a few pints of beer. Oatmeal stouts from different breweries. Kinda apt. Hurhurhur.

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