Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RockCreek In Ballard

Towards the end of the year, everyone's hectic schedules have wound down. Not quite the holidays yet, but we're all feeling the little thrill at welcoming the season and the new year. The man and the friends managed to sneak out of office almost two hours earlier than usual to meet for dinner. Hurhurhur.

Had a blast at RockCreek with the friends. We were table of eight, ordered loads of food and drinks, and kept our servers very busy. This trip, I ignored the steaks. Not in the mood for heavy meats that way. The man didn't bother about popping into a steakhouse either. Loads of seafood ingested, along with antihistamines. Hehehe. Can't be in the Pacific Northwest and not eat all the season's offerings.

Had sharing plates and then we had our own mains and all. Dunno where we found stomach space to fit in all these delicious things. Each had eight oysters from the local waters. Quite like how different the oysters are. Also love my Hawaiian Tombo tuna tartare (either known as tombo ahi or albacore tuna ) and squid ink spaghettini with manila clams and calabrian chili. Happiness.

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